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Malted by Weyermann, this malt is a good base for Czech lagers. Color is 1.7-2.1 Lovibond.
Price: $1.75
Color and flavor of roasted malts with mellow maltiness, color is 20-25 Lovibond.
Price: $1.80
Lovibond is 9.5-10.5, perfect base malt for any amber beer where malty character is wanted.
Price: $1.80
Weyermann grain with 1.7-2.4 Lovibond, perfect for all German pilsners and wheat beers.
Price: $1.73
A link between pale malt and munich, perfect for amber beers with balanced maltiness. Color is 5-6 Lovibond.
Price: $1.80
German pale wheat from Weyermann, with a 1.7-2.4 Lovibond. A dark wheat that is 5.8-7.3 may be special ordered.
Price: $1.77
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