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Added to acidify the mash or in larger amounts can add sourness. 2 Lovibond is the color.
Price: $1.87
German version of chocolate malt.A small amount can alter a light beer to amber, heavier usage yields chocolate to almost roasty flavors. Color is approx. 338 Lovibond.
Price: $1.60
Grain that has a toasted quality. Used in bocks and other beers that sometimes feature a "decocted" taste. Color is approx. 27 Lovibond.
Price: $1.52
German two row barley smoked with beechwood, add a touch for a hint of smokiness or use to make classic German rauchbier. Color is 1.7-2.8 Lovibond.
Price: $1.65
Malted rye, used in American ales as well as German Roggenbier. Color is 3 Lovibond.
Price: $1.90
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